If you are unemployed or desperately need a new job, this is for you!

  • Stop desperately applying to every job you think you're qualified for!
  • Stop going into interviews nervous and unprepared!
  • Stop wondering how to transition into a career you actually enjoy!
  • Stop scrolling through lists of open jobs looking for remote work
  • Learn how to assess your ideal career path and job
  • Learn how to summarize your value proposition to prospective employers (why should they hire you!)
  • Learn how to respond to the dreaded "behavioral interview questions" like a pro
  • Prepare responses to the top interview questions for your area of work
  • Target the right job sites for your searches

Here's What's Included in this FREE Jobseeker Bundle:

  • Career/Niche Assessment - Find out what you're passionate about
  • Job Assessment - Find the best fit jobs for your skills and passion
  • Candidate Value Proposition template - learn how to give the best summary of your skills and background for interviews.
  • Behavioral based interview guide - learn exactly how to answer these.
  • Sample interview questions for numerous areas of work
  • Remote Job site list - Go directly to the sites that filter this for you!
  • & More

But wait...If the job search is still taking too long, and you need to find legitimate ways to make money now...

I'll also send you my Free E-book on Self Employment !

EMERGE STRONGER: Re-thinking Success Through Self -Employment.

  • Learn all the different ways you can monetize your actual skills and how to identify your niche for self employment
  • Learn options available to you to MAKE MONEY while unemployed or experiencing job loss - other than traditional employment- becoming your OWN Boss
  • Get the steps and outlines for creating a digital business, affiliate marketing, freelancing, and virtual coaching!

This is hundres of dollars of valuable career coaching documentation...


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Hi, I'm Jaylene!

Corporate HR/Recruiting Excutive and Entrepreneur. It has been a rough year for so many, and I'm trying to help people that have lost their jobs, or people that are struggling in a job they hate, find new work! Whether that's providing traditional job search and interview tools for a more traditional path, or venturing out in the world of self-employment. There are so many legitimate ways you can make money working for yourself, doing what you actually love to do! Check out my guide for yourself, and get started or visit my Stan Store for all the FREE tools and resources to nail your job search!

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